Frank Markert

Workshop with Frank Markert

Saturday August 13 and Sunday August 14, 2022
Arche Nova, Guschstrasse 66, 8610 Uster
10.00h–17.00h, with lunch break.
Saturday: Euro 80.-
Sunday: Euro 80.-
Please bring the course fee in Euro on the first day of the class.

«Frank Markert shares his experiences openly, passionately and authentically with all interested course participants. Because he trusts his perception, he can meet you on your own ground and encourage you without pressure to open up to your own perception. In this way you can accept the moment with all that is, directly from the heart. The resulting freedom for body and mind leads into a new space, into another dimension, where you don't have to fight for or against anything and can express yourself freely. With solo and partner exercises based on Prana Dynamics, Frank leads us step by step into this new experience.»
Urs van Osch

Prana Dynamics is about harmonizing the mind-body from separation in functionality towards the intrinsic harmony for the emergence of self-awareness. With the dissolution of the ego-mind and the energization of the fascia system, the internal energy dimension will emerge from within oneself free from the distortion of the mind. Once harmonized in oneness with the energy body, the external martial applications are just the spontaneous manifestation of the internal freedom from the stronghold of the mind. With the separation of the observer from the observed, One will have a better chance to realize that One is the Primal energy in animation, not the animated! It is up to oneself to realize this!
➚ Huai Hsiang Wang, English alias Howard

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